Oh them brown eyes... Part:1
Oh them brown eyes...
Part:1 fights stories

navynohwal30 a simple storyteller
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this is a part of my life which keeps me together..

Oh them brown eyes... Part:1

by Navy

So i knew this guy from like a good 3 years.

watch him passing by...heard stuff...but never stooped and notice him until we became friend.

We were in different classes. Him commerce. Me science.

we only go to see each other during the break. he use to come.eat.laugh.make me laugh and leave.everything was great.i adored him.and liked him as a friend.i never got butterflies seeing him.

but things changed this year in January when...

he stopped me as i was going down the stairs ..went to his knees ..held my hand and said "Navy I love you!"..i was shocked and speechless..i din't knew what to say...

omg! those brown eyes at that moment..

maybe it was the first tym i was looking at him like that..i just looked at his friend standing behind him.(who was actually my classmate back in years)..and..

his friend winked at me and I thought its all a joke/dare

i said " well I love you too" and ran down to my bus.i din't consider that to be a yes or anything,but just me tellin' him "ok i love you, as a friend.and i love you no more than you love me"

they both came to me and asked me to hop down the bus

they told me he was serious and wanted an genuine answer because apparently both of them kidda crushed on me and if i say no to him..the other one will give a shot..

i was like "wtf!"

I told them i ain't interested in none of 'em but then my brown eyed boy looked at me and said"think about it..maybe you will realize whom you wanna be with"..and i don't know wht made me agree..

weeks flew and then one day..

I was with a bunch of juniors in an empty classroom..actually we were chosen to host an upcoming school program.. the whole floor was empty because senior's study leave was going on..

my brown-eyed hero came to the class and asked me 2 come out

i went as the floor was empty n there were no teachers..i have always had this connection with him.i feel safe with him.even when alone.he has never tried to get too close to me or do 'stuff'..

I went ..maybe i knew what he wanted to say...

he took me to the middle of the corridor out of the reach of cameras (of course) and asked me about my 'answer' i said i wasn't sure n din't like any of them that way..

we talked abt a few stuff and he left ..

he never brought up that topic.neither did he do anything to woo me something.he was him.my cute, brown-eyed, lean, tall boy..haha..we still talked..but he din't flirt with me..(not that he had )

i wished he tried..like to talk me out or something..

but i was happy he din't or else it would have been horribly difficult to get things in place..

But as its said."everything has a time n place"

We did have a time..and it occurred when.....

keep in touch to know what happened next...

did he and me come together or fall apart?? reveal in the next part...

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