My Life turned like a flipped coin !
My Life turned like a flipped coin ! fun stories

navynohwal30 a simple storyteller
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Writing this gave me goosebumpss..!!

My Life turned like a flipped coin !

by Navy

so my life turned upside down when...

my parents decided me to get married to my ex..! and that ex whom I ditched because he was being over possessive

Now i finally got married to him... After a few months ...

I discovered I m pregnant..but how? i din't let 'him' touch me..obviously because of my ex , whom i had to leave for getting married.. i try to hide this fact but it somehow comes undone..

So here i give birth to a baby girl..

she completely resemble my sis who is arrogant n very rude...damn!!...

and then..... :(

And then i finally wake up..!! poof!!! back to normal life of a teenager...!!

Damn what an horrible dream..!!

i m glad this was only a dream..!

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