Evil Moon
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navynohwal30a simple storyteller
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Moon is a liar, a cheater. It isn't beautiful, it rips you off everything.

Evil Moon

By Navy⚓

The moon’s a curse, A widow that swallows her man every night, the sun

I worshiped the holy ball But turned out the bells rang in hell

His moonlight is so endearing So artificial yet so tempting

I was charmed and lured Blinded and forgotten the fact that it’s fake

The fire of the sun becomes his glow He is a thief, a robber

Creating an perfect illusion for dreamers Sharpening his daggers in the morning, Hunting kids with ambition at night.

And that one day when I climbed up the roof to make a wish You disappeared.

You change your form every day

You listen to our dreams and then laugh them off You are a cheater moon, you are a liar

And I must say You are a good liar

You made me believe in magic ‘till the day you pulled the tides and washed away all of my sand castles.

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