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a letter to my seven year old daughter, she doesn't know my disease will kill me. i wanna leave a part of me for her.


by Navy⚓ edited by Warrior ⚔️

Dear kini,

Even if you lose me, Stay strong.

I am the one that picked you when you fell; I am the one that heard you cry for the first time. But don’t be scared,

I will always shower you with love, Bath you with blessing, And nourish you with optimism.


I held you when you were weak; Don’t worry if you can’t see me when you cry alone at night, Shivering in the cold bed.

Stay still and you will feel my embrace around you.

I am everywhere sweetie, From your cheery lips to your small fingers to your hair tips.

I would guide you. Put a hand to your heart...breath and meditate, I would show you the right path.

Getting up is difficult, especially when the fall is hard.

But ain’t you a worrier? Beautiful, strong and smart.

Jesus died for us... I ain’t that mighty... Ain’t that generous. If I die, I die for you.

Because sometimes god needs angles, Not only up above, Down here too.

Mama may go up, But darling I am leaving you here My pretty angel.

Sleep soundly, dream big and smile. Mama will be your dream catcher. You are a part of me. If I go... I still stay.

In a little form, in a different body.

My thoughts will be engraved in your soul, My long black hairs into your brown curls, My blue eyes melting into your sapphires...

I will be in everything you see. My artwork, my scarf... My smile on your lips.

Love, mommy.

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