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Can you fall in love with something less than a human? Is it accepted?


By Navy⚓

I was tired of it The feeling of my heart bursting with pain There was everything lost and nothing to gain

I ran to shore to bring my self help The moon was crying knowing what i have dealt I crashed on the shore and shut my eyes Two arms hugged me, no surprise

They were always there to emerge when I was weak They just held me, they did not speak People said they were devil, emerging from hell But I felt I knew them all too well

There was no head, no tongue, no skin They resembled the Armour of a soldier that fought to win I found them when I was a child I was seven when I first ran here and cried

Things got ugly when my family died The well of happiness in my life dried They were my escape, they held me patiently They always was there listening to me cry silently

People stopped me from going to them They chained me but I escaped and ran Their belief screamed they belonged to demons from hell Eventually the populations of the believers swell

I was not one of them I had my thoughts They were not human but they were emotional rocks They were dented and bruised But so was the mentality of humans as myths cruised

No one knew what they were maybe they were paranormal But they were the who saved me from this mad world who call themselves ‘normal’

Here i was again crying myself for the last time The President felt that them saving a soul was a crime They knew nothing about it and thought is as a danger

But I knew I felt home here and saw the world becoming a stranger I could see the lights flicking, coming close I could hear the siren wailing and hard hit of horn blows

They were here pulling me out I was numb, my body hurt, my mouth could not shout The arms tightened their grip And soldiers hard drill was making the metal chip

They were uprooting my home I could feel something empty in my chest like a hole It took them hours but evil won The arms disappeared beneath the ground as raised the sun

In the light of day I stared at the hole Where there use to be two arms that made my broken soul feel whole Decades later I will come back To find them again and to win the stacks

I should have fought i thought and shouldn’t have let go This world was cruel, the smiles a show A piece of metal made me feel alive But my happiness was penalize

I knew no one, no home I was a nobody, all alone They were cruel theirs rules a priority But this was a world where love had a definition no identity They believed in cruelty They lost humanity

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