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Sometimes just a bullet shot changes everything. Everything turned white and black as a gun gets fired. Someone is killed. But Who?Hayden? Aiden? Darry or Me?

Only You

by Navy⚓

Sometimes a boring Sunday evening is what it takes to bring out the best in you. Time turns and you are left in a whirlpool.

I was sketching when my phone buzzed. It was an unknown number which was weird. I got a new phone and not many knew my number. I ignored it. It ran again. Same number. I picked up.

“Hello” there was silence on the other end. Creepy! “........................” “Hello?” “N...a-omi....”

It was my boyfriend Hayden. But why was he calling from a random cell phone? This was so unlikely him. He was supposed to be at the gym working out. “Where are you? And whose phone--”

“Listen to me. I am at 'Morel house'. He found me at gym and now I am at his place. Please help me, its his number don’t call back o.k. Call my parents they know where the place is and also...."

“Hello??? Hello??????? What happened...?”

But the phone was already dead. All the blood from my hands drained and the phone fell on my lap. My body felt like jelly. My heart was thumping a dangerous harmony.

What just happened? Am I dreaming it? I knew I had to brace myself and act fast. Being at the Morel’s was a disaster.

The owner of the house Darry Morel was a gay-psychopath. Two months ago he was charged for child assault but eventually his high status got him out.

His story was well known in this small town. Hayden was his family friends. The gym Hayden was going to was next to the asshole’s house.

His dad bewared him too. Thinking of this was waste. I had to act. I had to be get there as fast as possible. I had asked him to avoid Darry. But now. What was I suppose to do?

I left in my pj’s.

I had his mom’s number but in my old dead phone. I had to do something. I called Brittney. The bitch I hate. She was his neighbor; maybe she could stop being a ho and just try to be nice.

Maybe she could just run and tell his family. She did not pick up. Obviously she was busy sucking her boyfriend’s lungs. This lit a bulb inside me, Aiden. Aiden lived in the same locality.

He was my ex and Hayden’s friend. It was time to ask him for a favour. “Hello” “Hey Aiden its Naomi”

“Oh hey! Suup?” The grudge from our sour breakup was long gone and i sighed. “i need your help.”

And i blabbered on and on how Hayden was in trouble and needed help. “Calm down. I know where that place is. I am on my way to his place.”

We hung up. I did not knew where Darry lived. I was trying to hold back tears and avoid bad thoughts. I knew he was safe. He had to be. I had to be strong. Crying won’t let me think clearly.

And making mistake was not an option. I knew how bad it could be. He owned a licensed gun and he raped people-especially boys- on gun-point. what if...

There was no time for ifs and buts.

I promised myself. I won’t let anything happen to him. My phone buzzed and for a second I wished it was Hayden. Him telling me it was all a joke.

Please god please let this be a stupid April fool prank happening. I knew it wasn’t. His voice was different. I could almost picture his brown eyes brimmed with tears.

Scared. Teary. He was in pain.

I wished Darry hadn’t shot him. My mom was constantly calling me. Right now I did not have time for family drama.

I spotted Aiden’s car on my way and ran out of the cab. He was accompanied by a very shook mom. Hayden’s mom. His mother guided us to morel’s place. Everything was quite. Too Quite.

Like the breath before the kiss.

The smell before the rain. Like the calm before the storm.

I spotted Mr. Isles, Hayden's father.

He was marching out of his car. He was fuming. But this could be a deadly move. What if morel saw him marching in?

Unfortunately he did.

Darry was Mr. Isles’s former friend. Sure enough aware of his rage. He busted out of the door. For a split second i was relived he was alone. But that joy was short lived.

He was dragging something. Someone.


He had a gun planted on his head.

The insides of me were screaming. My heart was undone. I was airborne. I felt i might pass out. Hayden’s muted cry brought me back. He was scared and bruised. He was limping and

his leg was bleeding. He was shot below his right knee.

I could not watch anymore. I could not see anything happening to him.

Without a warning,

I ran out of the car and joined his dad. I did not even notice Mrs. Isles and Aiden behind me. “Back off barold. I will kill your son. Go away!”

“Please no............”

Hayden’s mother was wailing. Aiden tried to get her back in the car but she would not listen. “Please Darry don’t” his dad was begging.

It was hard to see a 6'2' man begging with tears in his eyes

I could not watch anymore. I had to save him before the monster harms him anymore. I did not care about anything in the world more than him. He was everything to me and i was not giving it up.

Not even if it cost my life.

I started stepping out but something pulled me back. ‘Don’t Naomi . you don’t know what your doin’” Aiden. Oh Aiden, don’t. Not now.

he had pleading eyes. I had to do what Bella did. I had to save my Edward. And leave Jacob behind. My life was scene now. And i was the heroine.

“Call 911.” I hissed to him and he backed off.

I looked Darry into his eyes again and boomed. “Listen Darry. Don’t do it okay? Just listen to me” “Back off girl. Don’t get yourself in trouble for a stranger or i should say a friend or your...


He was getting on my weakest nerve. But this was my day. Nothing was getting in between hayden’s life. I knew it was going to work. I put up my best puppy face and started taking small

unnoticeable steps towards him. Everything was quite. Except, I could hear a faint siren. The police was here. I had to do this drama a tad bit longer and they will save him.

I had to keep him engaged so he does not panic and pull the trigger. “Don’t do it o.k.” I raised my hands showing I had no weapon and no intention to hurt him. He did not even notice i was

less than 7 feet away from him.

He was checking me out and I felt my body prickle. I glanced at Hayden and he was begging for me to go back. He was mouthing the words ‘please’ and ‘go’.

I slowly shook my head and he moaned Seeing me risking my life was hurting him more than the wounds. “Take me. Leave him. Let him go. He did you nothing” This was a big risk. But I had to take it

“NO” two voice echoed. One in front of me and one at the back. I could not look at any of them. Hayden had tears by now and I avoided his eyes.

“I don’t do girls. Back off you ain’t getting a piece of me"

I wanted to punch him in the face. “Alright. But let him go. Think. If you do anything to him what would and could happen. We all will be the witness and you; hanged to death”

This scared him. He took a step back and his body tightened. I knew it was a tough move but it was worth the risk. My dad was a detective and i knew how to play him.

“My dad is a detective I m the daughter of detective Wilson. I am Naomi Wilson. “Back off-” he was losing it and I was just 4 foot away from him. I got this I knew.

“Boston police back off!”

They were here. I could here snipers behind my back. But I was scared to turn. Darry panicked and pushed Hayden at me. He tumbled on me and I held him. Darry ran in and the officers followed.

Everyone was around us.

I could not think of anything but hugging him at the moment. I held him tight and I could hear him breathing. Even his ragged breath echoed thank you. He held me tighter and soon

we were in a group hug.

I recoiled myself and fresh tears brimmed in my eyes. i was happy he was okay. He was alive and safe. His mom was weeping in his chest. His dad as trying to control his tears.

He gave him a proud hug.

“Thank you for saving my son.” He turned to me. His mom held my hand and hugged me. I didn’t have any words. Because it was the first time I was meeting his parents.

They did not knew about me and Hayden. Neither did my parents did. I always dreamt scenario where he would proudly introuduce me to his family but not this. I looked at him and saw him smile.

He was proud of me.

His dad patted me on the back and could not stop thanking me. But where was Aiden? He left. His car was gone. It was like him. He loved perfect moments and he knew he shouldn’t be here.

To lighten up the mood his dad said “Boy. You are dating such a pretty girl. Tell me Naomi how did you fall for this dumb ass?”

Okay. So the secret was out and his parents were not strangling me so it was all good. I just smiled and he held my waist and said “Yeah. I was dating girl with the heart of a soldier.”

Our fun time was interrupted by the police inspector. They had caught Darry sneaking out through the back door. He had his hands to his back and was walking with his head down.

Everything was perfect now.

My love was holding my hand and his parents liked me too. I checked my phone. My mom had called me 34 times and now I was screwed. His dad said he would talk to her and drop me home.

We were near his dad’s car when Hayden stopped me and said

“Naomi. Thank you. i love you so much and i am so proud of you much more than I already was. If it was not you, i would be dying in there. Or maybe raped. I know i sound stupid. But i was scared.

I could not remember any numbers but yours. If you wouldn’t have picked up i don’t know what might have happened”

I could not think of words but i knew i could answer by hugging him. I saw Darry staring at us. I was facing him and within seconds. Three things happened.

One, Darry pulled out an officer’s gun.

Second, he aims it at us. At Hayden.

Third, I scream and he pulls the trigger. Everything grew quite. It is my sharp breath that kills the soaring quietness.

The bullet had hit a mark. But the marks was not Hayden.

It had hit me. As soon as he pulled the trigger i twirled and it hit my back.

My back was burning. I had trouble breathing and i saw everything in bokeh. Everything sounded muted and everyone moved slow. I could feel Hayden’s tear s falling on my face . He held me .

His parents were surrounding me and sired were wailing. I tried to breath but it was hurting too much. . I could only make out Hayden’s voice as I was slipping away.

I knew I wouldn’t make it.

It was my time to leave. I wanted to kiss Hayden give him a goodbye speech but my limited breaths were not allowing me to do so. Soon everything was calm.

I remember placing my hand on his heart as he kept screaming my name. I tried to smile as i closed my eyes.

On the way up above. To sleep. Forever.

“Here lies the body of the most soulful and fearless person I have ever met. Smile of an angel heart of a soldier.” – Hayden

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