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Fuerte: Strong in Spanish


by Navy⚓

He tried to unbutton my shirt while kissing me passionately.

that’s when i first said “no”..i didn’t wanted to ruin this great afternoon in his office by fighting...his fingers continued their assault down my back...

while his other hand worked on my buttons.. This time i said “no stop” bringing more harshness to my tone..it was getting difficult and fear crept into my heart..he is a charmer...

knows his way around..i knew by resisting i m giving him a challenge which he would wanna win no matter what but i wasn’t giving up..

the hand on by back reached my waist and his grip was getting stronger simultaneously my heart was beating faster.. I just knew one thing- ‘i didn’t wanna do it’...his lips traveled to my neck...

and he pulled me closer...

he started biting my neck and instead of swooning i felt disgusted..Instead of moaning I was grunting instead of pulling him closer i was pushing him away...

this was the moment i knew i hate this man.. my resist got stronger and his persistence too..he laid me on my back on the couch and i kicked him in the gut and screamed -

“it’s over. You are an animal. No means no”

in his eyes i saw no shame..what i saw was shock which soon turned into anger.. he jumped on me and knocked me on the floor, my jaw hit the marble flooring..its when i realized he had punched me.

i heard his footstep closer to me and i knew i was in trouble.. i heard the unlocking of his belt and in minutes felt it around my numb arms..

he pulled my hairs and jerked me up...

i was screaming but he kissed me; almost bit my lip and threw me on the couch..his disgusting and greedy hands tore my shirt off in one go..in no time i was laying under him

half naked and his hands were all over me..

Tears streamed down my eyes and i wanted to kill him.. I wanted to run away i screamed but no one came.. that's when i heard my mom’s voice in my mind

“never fear baby! I am with you...

...Don’t let anyone do anything you don’t wanna do”. Her words echoed in my head..my vision turned black and i thought i was dying but i didn’t wanted to die in the arms of a wicked person.

he was actually chocking me. my face was bruised because he bit me everywhere.My eyes were filled with mascara tears and my throat felt torn because of all the screaming.I knew I had to act fast.

i won’t give in ..i tried to feel my legs and realized i had my heels on..but he wasn’t letting me move..

i knew i had to play along..i kissed him; faking passion..he thought i gave in and he shifted his weight from me i tried to wrap my knotted hands around his neck and it worked! He freed my hand.

..i gripped him and instantly digged my heel in his thighs..he screamed loudly and i digged harder..

he cursed and crumbled on the floor..i grabbed my sweater and ran outta the door.. i risked myself with one more glace at his direction..

he was crying gripping his bleeding leg on the floor I quickly snapped a picture of him seeing this he cursed and stared crawling towards me ..i ran..i wore my sweater as i ran downstairs..

i din’t dare even trust the walls of his office. i ran to the street.i ran till i was far far away from his office and when i thought i was far enough I turned back to check if he was following

he was no were..he was out of my life and i was free.. i sighed and it was the first easy breath i took in the past hours..

my knees gave up and i sat on a nearby bench and cried my heart out..i checked myself in my mirror and saw a ghost..i couldn’t recognize the person looking at me..

Bleeding lips..Black eyes and bite marks all over.. I cried and wept..

but i didn't give up..i showed courage and saved myself...i loved him so much and he wanted to just get into my pants..this hurt more than the bruises

but i am a strong girl..i am my own hero..

i am proud of myself..i stood up..Braced myself..ordered a taxi and headed straight for the police station. because i won't let satan win.

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