♛ Castle: rebuilding the broken me ♛
♛ Castle: rebuilding the broken me ♛ boyfriend stories

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I am strong enough to be without you

♛ Castle: rebuilding the broken me ♛

by Navy⚓

You broke me...

Thought I will beg for you to stay... I didn’t... I wanted you back... but not more than i want myself back...

I want every piece of me back from you...

I want you to take all your touches back and go... Hide. Why did you ever come in my life?

I was happier before you...

I always thought I won’t give in. But you made me. You made me weak. But now m standing strong tall on my feet.

I don’t want you.

I miss you but won’t show it. I don’t care whom you are with. I don’t want you anymore. I will bring myself up again. Build myself up and show you.

You cannot destroy me..

And remember when I see you on the dance floor the next time... I wont run away. Crying mascara tears in the bathroom.. No no.

I will click my heels. Swing my hips and groove.

And if you want me back. you ain't lucky.

This is the new me..

Who doesn’t love you anymore..I have killed the part which longed for you...you don’t deserve me devil..You actually never did..

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