The Whiskey.
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Be careful with what you wish for.

The Whiskey.

3a.m. The clock ticks.

Tick tock tick tock on the clock.

'Let me die tonight.'

Her eyes were clouded with a storm that threatened to spill. She wiped her eyes vigorously.

Furious, down in the dumps and just numb, she was confused with these conflicting feelings.

Seeking to numb them completely, she staggered to her kitchen cabinet and pick out her favourite afternoon tea cup and not so subtlely, the half filled whisky that she opened sometime back.

'I am so going to finish this one tonight, 'she said to no one in particular and raised the bottle up like a trophy she won for cheerleading back in high school.

She poured her first peg and gleefully brought it to her lips, inhaling the heavenly scent that emanated from the alcoholic beverage. A tea cup. An afternoon tea cup.

She downed that peg in 2 seconds flat and felt it burn her throat. So destructive yet so wonderfully delightful.

Her head started to swirl. Heck, she takes another peg. Another one. And another.

It tasted .... Different. Stronger and it hit her faster than any other alcoholic beverage she has ever consumed. Weird, she thought.

It was an entirely different sensation brewing in her stomach. She wanted more and so she went to the kitchen cabinet again.

She took another bottle and went back to where she was seated earlier.

Placing the newly bought whisky adjacent to the other, she saw something, or rather noticed the tragic difference between the contents in the 2 bottles that were staring right at her.

The labels.

'RAT POISON', One bottle read.

'FINEST SCOTCH WHISKY', The other one read.

Her wish was granted.

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