Life lesson not soul mate

Life lesson not soul mate  soul mate stories

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Have you ever had a life lesson you thought was a soul mate?

Life lesson not soul mate

I cried when you left

Because when I let you in~

I told myself,

"this is it, this is my last love"

Things took a turn,

And we went our separate ways.

But for all the hurt you've caused,

I do not hate you...

You taught me to remember my worth,

To never settle for less.

I became a new person because of you.

Because of you...

I taught myself to pick myself up

from the deepest holes

To make it through the darkest tunnels~

I am not afraid anymore.

Let more life lessons wear the mask of my soul mate...

Even if I break,

I will learn.

I've only been here for two days and I'm extremely grateful for the feedback that I'm getting. Please do like and comment on this as your feedback really motivates me to do better. Also do follow me so you don't miss out on my future content. Lots of love, N

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