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The tears of the sky plunk my face making me grin. I cherish these happy tears as there was neither a sign of an anger of a storm nor a scream of a thunder, it was just congenial

I saw him in a hoodie trying to cover himself from being blitzed by the tears...

Our eyes locked, any victim in the prison would love to escape to clutch his freedom but I wanted to be guilty forever in my life just to be locked in his blue orb prison , the depth of the ocean is beautifully depicted in his eyes....

There are numerous stars wandering in the sky having fun,but when a full moon graces his appearance... he steals all our attention making us forget about the stars because he is rare and awesome, just like his beautifully chiseled face He is my moon in the dark sky...

I guess god took a century in sculpting him...I could see his endeavor by just looking at the sculpture before me

Just like the time, he flew away after the rain giving me one last glance

That was one amazing day, our eyes expressed our feelings more than we can confess, reaching our profound souls

Thank you sky for your amazing tears, because of you we were able to embrace the love for our unspoken words

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