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Jake's love towards Bellona is like a dying fish, Wanna know how? Read it!

Jake was rowing the boat and Bellona was sitting opposite to him. She was in her fanciful white dress and she looked charming to Jake. Jake was in his blue shirt and jeans.

He rowed the boat to the center of the river and halted.

The depth of the river would be more than Jake expected. But, he didn't bother about the depth. He just bothered about the depth of love he expressed on Bellona.

He smiled at her and he took a steel fishing tackle from his kit.

Jake was crazy not only on Bellona but also in fishing. He had captured big fishes which were tough for many.

Being a fish-keeper, he hadn't expected that a rich girl like Bellona would accept his invitation. All he wanted was love from Bellona. Will Bellona love him back?

On the other side, Bellona sat with her mouth shut. "Why did he call me here?" she asked to herself. She looked pretty...annoyed. Though she didn't reveal her annoyance, she looked annoyed.

Like, why on earth should I love a poor man with a fishing tackle? Uh...she dislikes the smell of fishes. But, she remained silent. Obviously, she isn't in love with Jake.

It was Jake who believes that Bellona is in love with him. Oops, how will he know the truth?

"You want a big fish, don't you?" asked Jake as he prepared his bait.

Bellona rolled her eyes and said, "I'm a vegan."

"Oh, I didn't know that." said Jake, "Let's fish for fun!"

Bellona didn't reply. She just took her eyes off from Jake and stared at the waters. The depth...

"Alright, I'm gonna try." said Jake as he threw his tackle inside the rivers and waited for a fish to get struck in his bait. Few minutes had passed. Bellona became frustrated.

"If catching fish is what you wanted, why the hell did you call me?" she asked.

Jake was taken back. "Cool, babe. Just wait."

"I'm not your babe!" said Bellona. But, Jake didn't hear her words as he shrieked in curiosity as a fish got struck. He tried to take the fish to the surface with greater difficulty.

At a point, he was in need of Bellona's help. She was not in the mood of helping him and Jake dealt it with himself.

It was a Tilapia cichlid fish and Jake exclaimed , "It's beautiful!"

Bellona didn't react.

The cichlid kept on jumping for its life. Jake handled it with care and dropped it into a plastic box, which he uses for storing the caught fishes.

The box contained water and so that made the cichlid to remain silent.

However, it got separated from its native place...like Jake. Yeah...Jake is a migrant who left his parents. They are old and Jake's mom is fighting against lung cancer.

Leaving them alone, Jake came here to work and now, he has decided to confess his love to Bellona without knowing the fact that...Bellona isn't interested in him.

After leaving the cichlid into the box, he sat on his place, opposite to Bellona. Bellona was glancing at her wrist watch, to see what's the time. It's fifteen past five. Soon, the sun will set.

And, she just wanted to leave the place. She got enraged with Jake. She couldn't control her rage on him.

"What's the purpose of bringing me here?" she asked again.

"Hmm...wait, I shall tell." said Jake. He took a piece of paper and a small circular box.

Bellona didn't look surprised.

Jake came closer to her and extended the box to her. He opened it. There was a ring in it. He took the ring out and offered to Bellona as he said, "I love you, Bellona"

Bellona went speechless. A poor man loves her?

She felt disgusted on seeing him. Will she get the ring?

"Please." said Jake. Bellona accepted it.

To spoil the broth, the cichlid which was left in the box , jumped from the box. It was Jake's fault for not closing the box completely.

The Tilapia cichlid landed on Bellona's thighs and Bellona was taken up and she shook her body so that the cichlid will get off from her. She did one more thing.

She threw away the ring into the waters. And, looked surprised and said, "Oh my God..."

The cichlid landed on the surface of the boat, still jumping for its life.

"See, you love me right?" asked Bellona.

Jake nodded.

"Then, bring me the ring back." said Bellona.

Without any second thoughts, Jake dived into the river. Bellona smiled to herself. The depth...it would be impossible to come back in this depth, provided if you lack basic skills of swimming.

And, Jake sucks at swimming. So....will he....

The Tilapia cichlid kept on jumping here and there for life and at a certain point, it stopped jumping. There was no sign of Jake coming back. There was no sign of the cichlid coming back.

Both Jake and the cichlid are dead. Both got separated from their families and now there are dead as orphans.

Bellona was relieved as Jake didn't show up. She decided to the row the boat herself back and inform that Jake fell into the river accidentally and he didn't show up. Simple.

She moved to Jake's place and found a piece of paper closer to Jake's bag. She took it. Jake has written something. She read it.

To my mom, Stella,

I'm fine here, mom. And I hope that you and dad are fine. I know that we are in need of money to treat you. You are in the second stage. I am doing my best...to earn money here.

And, I've found a girl...who has all qualities which our family needs. Her name is Bellona. I have decided to gift her a ring....yeah it's expensive. But, I love her more than money.

If she accepts me, I'll introduce her to you and dad. Don't worry mom. You will defeat the cancer and will take care of me and Bellona. I'll return home with Bellona. Take care, mom. Goodbye!

By your son, Jake.

Bellona's heart just broke to pieces on reading that. What had she done? She killed the one who loved her truly. And, Jake is no more.

Who will pay for Stella's medical payments? Jake believed that Bellona will accept his love and will take care of his mom. But what was the result? Jake's death.

Like the Tilapia cichlid, Jake would never see his parents once again as he was dead.

And, even the fish would love truly, and not humans.

Bellona just sat on the boat with a broken heart.

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