What is an artist?

                 What is an artist? freeverse stories

naum There and Here, Off and On
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Someone I admire The one I long to be

What is an artist?

Someone I admire, The one I long to be, Those who open my eyes, When they don't fill them with tears

Making me think Making me feel Opening doors I’m too scared to touch

The brave, the mad, the deluded, The magicians, creators, visionary Bold enough to show me the truths That light my way back to a self, forgotten

The child in them Speak to the child in me Making us both better At a game of adulthood

Their creations, mere glimpses of a world untold Alter many more in a heartbeat, a breath withheld Sometimes even a click

Yes I dare One must start somewhere I take the plunge Enjoy the swell Freeing my little girl From a silent monster

The voice in my head The look in their eyes Whispers unintended And if they were, who cares?

I’ve conquered the fear Mastered the wait I write it out now For others to share

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