My Morning
My Morning derealization stories

naturesea Community member
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Posted one without an account, so If you do find one like this exactly, its probably mine, sorry didn't know that I wasn't logged in at the time...

My Morning

My Story of Derealization.........

One morning I woke up as I had the day before Although, I was unsure Was I still caught in my dreams? As I walked towards the window I noticed that I no longer recognized these hands that opened the window.

It was as if I was no longer in my own body As though my soul had been transferred into somebody else’s body Months went on like this, feeling so lost, disconnected and confused

I knew something was wrong, Just was unaware as to what it was. Through googling I found it out Immediately I went to my doctor, They said it was high functioning anxiety

I had been so stressed, that I had very well pushed my brain far too much Hidden away, and now I was truly lost Would I be okay?, Would I ever regain myself? In anyway

Years past, still stuck Took some time to ignore it, And eventually after doing a whole lot of therapy I got through it

It was tough, but a lesson I had needed to learn Ones my mind is a maze That you yourself can so easily get lost in

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