The Love I Lost
The Love I Lost death stories

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I lost my dad not to long ago, and I think of this story as more of the story of my life.

The Love I Lost

I smile up at a bright blue sky, despite the storm inside

I pretend everything's ok, despite the tears that keep me awake at night

I let you lean on my shoulder and cry, yet I'm the one who's crying inside.

I loved someone more than you could ever know,

And now I'm hear dealing alone.

They say, "You were born without him so you can live alone,"

Try saying that to someone who lost their own

My entire life was hanging on a thread.

Now the thread has snapped and I'm left for dead

I try to be strong for the one I love,

Yet she picked another one,

She stares at me like I'm her friend,

While I wish and wish for something more.

I lost the only father I've ever loved,

I never had a mother to lean on,

The sister who claims to love,

Glares at me when she sees the smile I paste on,

I have no one but myself in life,

Yet on the internet I still find the will to survive.

I don't know how to live at this point, just how to see the next time the star's light.

Forgive me, for all my greed, I just wanted a family.

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