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Mein Fuhrer we have failed you Our countries are losing this war

Mein Führer

Mein Fuhrer we have failed you

Our countries are losing this war

For many years I disavowed you

For many years I was silent, no more

For I feel your rage, your hate, your compassion

In the speeches you gave I could not find objection

The world hates you Mein Fuhrer even 80 years later

Yet they love Stalin, Juden even as threats grow ever greater

To stand up for you folk, to stand up for Adolf

Even if just standing for support and raising your hand gets you laid off

I will NEVER be silent I will never surrender

I will not give up hope I will never acknowledge their ((legal tender))

For the third position and for the Reich

I will fight and fight and fight

For your speeches give me power

Your speeches bring me to tears in this darkest hour

You seemed to care for us, through your words and actions

More than our spineless modern corperations

Deuchland forever you repeat in my head

Better to give my life for the cause even if I turn up dead

I am not evil, I am not violent

but I will be damned if I ever am silent

For those of you reading ask yourself this simple inquiry

What do you really know of fascist, nazi germany?

For when I look upon the fatherland and the reich I see

A system much better than democracy

Or communism, a fight for your Volk

Not corporate interests and the ever expanding migrant vote

I see a country of principles one that was strong

Countries like that for some are wrong

But for those who have higher aspirations in life

Like nuclear power and manned spaceflight

Mein Fuhrer ist der Ubermensch

Wir werden uns erheben und die Untermenche

Der Hagelsieg fur unsere Zeit ist wieder da

Unsere weissen Familien werden alle sein da

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