Depression eating away at me
Depression eating away at me sad stories

natourious Community member
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Fighting through depression and your thoughts. There will always be a break after the rollercoaster before it takes off again. Be patient!

Depression eating away at me

Thoughts running through my head

Wondering why I got the feeling of wanting to die

Tears running down my face

Waiting for the rain to fade

Because maybe its the weather

That has me feeling a way

Wanting to tell somebody but they could hardly relate

Stuck inside my head

Thinking maybe this is my fate

Trying to distinguish between the pros and the cons

Props to the ones that make it through

Because this is an ongoing battle that I thought I outgrew

Little did I know this would be something I'm still trying to construe.......

The back and fourth from being happy to dejected

Wondering if anybody around me is affected by the changes in my moods

While I still try to figure out how I can elude

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