A Lyrical Seance
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This poem is a dedication to those lost to war and the children left behind who have lost more than one can imagine.

A Lyrical Seance

Under bands of burnt bridges a young child cannot understand

A mind wrapped on stains of reality

On the heels that walk the beautiful lands of Afghanistan.

Holding the soles of those that now fill a ghost's foot mold

Is the picture of a half adult with a newly orphaned child pose

I suppose it was the lowlight of her year

Highlighted red,

Covering dark words of fear.

She grows up only to hope that one day she could suspend

The ringing in her ears

To quiet her demons her thoughts drift to the otherworld

With the alphabet addressed:

Dear Mother, Dear Father,

I wish the world knew you before the world threw you

Off the world's edge

I wish they heard your pledge

Of your peaceful desires

They really would admire

How your pears for cheeks could calm any fire.

You said foreign militiamen were misunderstood

I think now they're colorblind

Mixing the bad with the good.

I never heard a pow repeat so fast.

I feel they were ending people

Seeing only Freddy Cougar masks.

Even holy people have holy evils

Passed to their future by their pasts.

When my eyes seek my heart weeps

Yet my pen is burdened with this task

So I ask upon my angels

What and where is the world's angles?

Three souls tangled uncontrolled, what a mess.

With this press my heart and my hand are possessed.

And now new light lays under this vessels' unanswered chest.


I admit I don't have the answers

Humans love war and it spreads like a cancer.

Up from my bed I can see your head

Suck in your teardrops

Please not weep for the dead

For he who not fears, tames monsters instead.

Rewriting wrongs leads you away from suffering

Somethings are infinitely nothing

Somethings are simply one thing

My time here's expanded,

Yours comes with an age

I continue even after the last words on your last page

Listen to others, not all angels' wings show.

Now I must bid you adieu

My paper titled "True" for archangel Gabriel is due

It's two in the morning,

How did my pen arrive here?

That voice is now waning away from my ear.

So abduct me again and duct tape me to you

Without angelic words I have not a clue.

15 verses leave 52 questions.

I know I wrote them

But how the fuck did it happen.

My mind stays confined to these cherubim lines,

Dazed just like drinking wine for some time.

This letter of mine has been kissed by my watcher.

Now I can rest in the arms of my holder.



I am the voice that lingers over your shoulders.

A voice that shall mend is the voice of a friend

Angels are close just look from within.

So may my young one learn from the end,

When the world has been bent, let letters fill up the dents.

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