Story: The Reflection By: Nathan Babjak
Story: The Reflection

By: Nathan Babjak thriller stories

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The secrets are in the reflection...

Story: The Reflection By: Nathan Babjak

There was a normal family living in you ideal neighborhood, nice houses, and people walking their dogs everyday. The dad, John was at his 9 to 5 office job one day when he heard one of his coworkers scream from the bathroom. Everyone ran over wondering what was going on. She seemed to be hallucinating.

Screaming "Death is coming," she scared everybody there. That was all anyone was talking about the rest of the day because she never showed any signs of being mentally ill before today. Later that day John returned home to dinner ready. His wife and son were already beginning to eat.

John's son got up to go to the bathroom. Just then he heard screaming coming from him. The same as his coworker had earlier. Now terrified he began to let out tears wondering what was going on in his town. His son seemed to have been going through the same thing that his friend at work was. John later signed his family up for a family psychiatrist. The next day they all went to the appointment.

The psychiatrist asked to speak with them all individually. John volunteered to go first telling the man about what had happened. He spoke about how he told his deepest darkest secrets to his coworker and looked to her for help.

Next John told the man about how his son was his comfort and that he knew he would always be there for him. It was clear that people who were helping John were going through this. The psychiatrist decided that they should leave the rest for the next day.

The next morning the family received a call saying that their psychiatrist was now in getting help due to an insane outburst he had in front of the mirror in his home. Now John was confused why him he thought. What was going on? He had to figure it out. John decided that he would put it off until after work.

During work however he could not get his mind off of it. Feeling insane he bursted out in anger at his boss. Resulting in him being fired. That night he stormed home and went to the bathroom to wash his face.

When he looked up from doing so he saw some kind of demon smiling and staring right at him. If John moved then his demon in the mirror moved. He didn't know what to do tears dripping down his face. He heard the demon scream, then John screamed "Death is coming."

His sight then faded to darkness. The only words he heard was "Welcome to hell." John was now being punished down deep under the earth for all of his sins he had ever committed. The only problem was up above ground his body was still moving but his soul was not in it. Instead a demon took over...

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