Story: Lucifer is Coming By: Nathan Babjak
Story: Lucifer is Coming
By: Nathan Babjak thriller stories
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Story: Lucifer is Coming By: Nathan Babjak

Those who worship Satan believe that one day an Antichrist will come, the son of Satan himself, this man will bring about the end of times. These people also believe that they will be spared of what is to come, not feeling the torture that other have to endure. Some will even go ahead and start killing others hoping to please their lord. With every kill acting as a ritual.

One of these people was Nick, Nick had killed 16 women so far. He believed that men shall be spared just in case one of them is fit for being the Antichrist. Nick was going out to find the perfect women to kill for his ritual to Satan. He spotted a young girl who would please his lord. 

She was beloved by all her classmates and students. This girl also just so happened to be a strong Christian, she prayed twice a day, and even volunteered at the church on weekends.

To make Nick's ritual even more impactful, he decided that he would act as the priest and call her up then to stab her in her stomach. So that Sunday he trapped the priest in a closet and took his robe. Went on with church and exactly 11 minutes and 6 seconds in he called her up.

As she was walking up he began to smile, thinking about the rush that flowed through him when he killed. Nick put his arm around the girl, holding her tight, he started to speak of how the devil is the true lord of the world. Everyone was freaking out wonder what was going on. It was then that he took his knife and stuck it in the back of her neck. 

The girl dropped dead with blood gushing out of her. Everyone in the church rushed out immediately. Well besides one man dressed in all black, black robe with a black scarf on. 

He walked up to Nick nodded and disappeared. Now Nick was frozen staring straight ahead confused. That was when he felt cold in his feet rising up to his head. When it reached his head he dropped to the floor, then began to float up. Landing on his feet he lifted his head. Nick's eyes were now all black with black veins going down his body. He muttered "Hail Satan."

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