Cannibal scary stories

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Feast your eyes on this.


The rain taps loudly against the open window as a cold breeze ruffles through my curtains and comforts my inner feelings, adjusting to the temperature of how I feel.

Thump, thump, thump. My heart palpitates rapidly as I clench my chest. My mind races, filling up with illogical nonsense.

Did I see what I saw or was it all inside of my head? Blurry glimpses and flashes of a man- wait no, a thing. Feasting and eating a poor innocent young girl.

The thought of her won’t leave my mind. Watching her life be literally sucked right out of her.

What vile creature would do such a thing? To an innocent girl no older than fourteen! I sob tears of remorse.

All I had planned to do was try to get to this stupid party and instead I found- Buzz, buzz, buzz. My phone suddenly starts buzzing at a rapid rate.

Texts and messages from my friends telling me of a girl the police have found. The same girl I found. I throw my phone across the room trying to avoid as much of the situation I could.

But then knock, knock. “honey have you seen the news? A poor girl got attacked. I don’t want you going out at night by yourself anymore okay? Charlie?”

I don’t reply to my worrisome mother, instead I wait for the sound of her foot steps walking away.

My stomach suddenly begins to turn and I run to my ensuite bathroom to throw up in the sink. As I reach for the tap I notice blood on my hands...

I look up and am startled to find the man who killed that poor innocent girl staring at me through the mirror, her blood still on his face.

I stare deeply into his black compelling eyes and watch as he gives a menacing smirk. The feeling inside of me suddenly changes from remorse to a euphoric satisfaction.

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