Freeing the mind
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The mind is a cage. I offer a glance into madness, but in the end is it truly madness, or your deepest desire?

Freeing the mind

Humans desire a sense of freedom, not in the physical atmosphere of life, but from the cage of their minds. Imprisoned by the hierarchies of society, they are molded to what is seen as "normal".

From slaves bound in the chain and forced to kiss the feet of their masters, to the peasants forced to love one another, higher powers have always controlled the minds of society, and yet it has been allowed.

Imagine a time before the concept of religion, before the ruling of monarchs, and before people could even comprehend the world as a whole.

Imagine you're there, alone, without the influence or feelings of those around you.

Do you feel naked, or do you feel free? For those who are free, there's something inside you that has been begging to be free.

Like a scream, smothered in silence over years of conditioning, that has been so slightly satisfied by temporary displacements to satisfy your Mind.

Whether it’s games, addictions or other melancholy activities that still don't truly satisfy the basic primal urge hidden under the skin and deep in your heart.

For those who feel naked, you are used to the domestic prison you set in your mind.

Even with an open gate, you stay in their cage and hope that your master returns soon to tell you how to think and act.

Given enough time, like any abandoned animal, you will learn to survive and adapt. Nature will take over, and the loving domestic animal will turn to its primal instincts to survive.

To the point where the strong with thrive and the weak will perish. You are no different.

Enough time out of the cage, without the master and his minions, the primal instincts inside you will emerge and then you'll experience the true sense of freedom.

This freedom comes from the deepest desires of your mind that you won't let yourself explore. Society, by the majority, has deemed your desire to be illegal, immoral, or repulsive.

Imagine having that freedom. To destroy the cage, rip away the veil society has created for you, and breathe in the most sensual of your lifetime because you have become truly free.

A place where everyone has the power to satisfy their darkest and cruelest fantasies without the consequence of others thoughts.

Imagine, as if apart of a wolf pack, others that desired what you desired and you hunted for that desire together. The connection is deeper than love itself: a genuine connection.

It's finding the ones you can open your deepest desires to, and be your most primal self around.

Only a slight few have the option to say they found that, and it's encouraged that person is fought for always. Does this world seem freeing? It should.

Now open your eyes back up to today, you're back in your cage like everyone else...

Did your heart sink? Do you feel like a caged animal from the sad humanitarian commercials, all sad and lonely, wishing to be free again?

Did you feel freedom, even if it was just in your mind for a glimpse of a second? What you do next is up to you. I only had the means to supply you with what you've been missing.

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