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A poem about burden.
Written from the heart.
Exploring my mind.

by Natasha J Bella

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by Natasha J Bella

The burden, so heavy

Take it off, let it fall

I ask of you God

So I can stand tall

This burden, please

For a time at least

Shake it loose, set me free

Let me have that release

Burden of the past

It holds me down I cannot rise

Burden of pain

I carry you all the time

I need a break, I need relief

Lift the weight, no more shadow

Take this burden away

Let me rise, let me go

With this burden of mine

I still smile, still pretty

I carry it well

I don't want the pity

I wish for it gone

To feel it no more

I dream of no burden

I see myself soar

Weight gone

I can fly

I see God

I am lifted

I am blessed

I am great

Life's amazing

I am gifted

I'm at peace

I am happy

I can love

With weight lifted

I live long

I am fruitful

I am now

I am here

I am wise

I am free

I am brave

I've no fear

Oh burden

I need you gone

But if you stay as you are

As you have for so long

I will hide you, bury you

Suppress you so deep

No one will know

That's what I keep

And because I have carried you

Inside for so long

I have grown, I can bear you

I am strong, I am strong

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