Bad Day
Bad Day suicidal stories

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A poem about suicidal thoughts. *Contains swearing.

By Natasha J Bella

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Bad Day

Don't jump Don't jump Don't jump Don't do it!

Don't jump Don't jump Don't jump Think!

Think, think, think! Fuck!

The trouble it would cause, the chaos, the mess

The turmoil, the grief, the guilt and the stress

Wondering how they could have helped And needing to know why

If they had known they would have saved me

If they knew, they would try

The hurt, the anger, the selfish accusation

Every painful emotion Hurting every sensation

So fucked up! Don't you see Can’t you see

You will have caused that It's my fault, just my fault All me

Don't do it It's fucked It shows you don't care

Fucked up in the head My head hurts Life’s not fair!

You idiot! For God's sake! Sort yourself out!

Come on now Sit down We can work this shit out

Step back Move away Think clearly Find a way

To get through this hell hole And into another day




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