Good things #3
Good things #3 love stories
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nataliiatotka just another girl in a big world
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Good things #3


Online shopping

New shoes

Love at first kiss


A one-way ticket to Spain

Cycling 50 km with the best friend

Flirting with strangers in trains (Just a hot guy to look atπŸ˜‹)

Eating expensive ice-cream in a Swiss country

Believing in love finding it’s way back to you


Laying on the grass, on a hot summer day and thinking of snow falling on your eyelashes

Wearing trenchcoat and high heels

The ridiculous desire to someday buy yourself some Louboutins

Chamomile tea

With a piece of cheesecake

Another pile of good things. It appers there are more of those than I thought. 😌😌😌 Enjoy! And thank you for reading πŸ“–β™₯️

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