the anniversary- 4 years on.
the anniversary- 4 years on.  poem stories

natalienordell passing through
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A memorial poem based on the events of June 23rd, 2015.

the anniversary- 4 years on.

“Pretty flowers” she said To the girl On the gravel With the crumpled white roses in her hand.

“Thank you” she smiles, Twisted teeth, kicking dust. Solitude is what she had planned.

Pine trees fill Up the space On the trail Where she travels On the trip she never wanted to take.

As she reaches The gates Staring through Dirty metal She’s reminded of the fateful mistake.

Bitter summer tears run Down her cheeks From scarlet eyes Tracing puffy clouds to find a friend.

When the sun burns bright No disaster Could happen Except for this somber end.

Pulled down Thirty feet Gravity Underwater All their feet still swinging on the dock.

Bitter lungs Filled with water “Too late” they said Forty ugly minutes on the clock.

Tainted water Wispy skies Cross our fingers we won’t ever die. Nine one one on the telephone, Now we’re too scarred to be alone.

“What if? What if?” plays in your mind Searching for the answers you’ll never find.

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