You and I
You and I poetry stories

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Here's another one cause I'm bored

You and I

Looking back upon the days of you and I

Moments in time happily passing by.

Laughter and joy never to be missed,

Smiling sweetly from being kissed.

Hands held entwined as one,

Never worrying about becoming undone.

Words spoken daily and nightly,

Embracing each other very tightly.

The world at our feet, strongly in our hearts,

Until fate stepped in and tore us apart.

Believing I was enough for you,

Deception proving this to be untrue.

Leaving me empty and full of despair,

No longer seeing you in that favorite chair.

Emptiness slowly creeping in,

Living life differently because of your sin.

Shattered pieces of broken glass,

Waiting for darkness to pass.

Battered and broken, falling to my knees,

I wasn't enough for you to be pleased.

Left behind to carry the weight,

Clinging to the doorway towards the gate.

I used to be enough but now I'm not,

Trying to understand how you forgot.

Alone in my battle from your demise,

Running to hide without a disguise.

Shallow breathing because of my tears,

The unknown casting my fears.

Will I be able to stand once again?

Or will the ground continue to end?

Strength weakened because of you,

Will I ever be enough to get through?

I hope you found what you were looking for,

When you decided to walk out that door.

I used to be enough but that has changed,

So now I must learn how to rearrange.

My days are numbered, my time is fleeting,

Searching continuously for a safer greeting.

Remember me when you decide to look back,

I used to be enough for what you lacked.

I'm only a memory and the time is now,

I must learn to survive somehow.

Trust is gone, my fate sealed,

A clearer picture of what's been revealed.

I used to be enough but am no longer,

Alone I must learn to be stronger.

Lessons taught with a price to pay,

I used to be enough but you took that away.

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