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Indescribable word: love ❤️

What is love

The constant saying in our society

Seeing it in movies, shows and in books

The one word everyone wants to experience

The word called

It's not a simple word

One that cannot be explained just with words

It's an actual process

One that will take a while to reach

Where one another get to know each other

Reaching that level passed strangers

Passed friendship

Somewhere between a best friend and someone you can call a safe place

It's found in many forms

Friendship, family, in ourselves

It's a sign of inner peace

A happiness

That is genuine and isn't forced

It's knowing that the other one is safe

That you want to show how much you care

How much you want to give to the other

How much you want to give to yourself

It's a word that once you say it

Gives a warm feeling

It's goodness

And once you find it

You don't want to waste a single second

Showing the world

How much you love them

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