Red string
Red string  fate stories

natalie9712 Live life to your fullest
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We don’t know our fates, but we know our feelings. Sometimes it can mislead us, but sometimes it can lead us to our happiness. Trust yourself, because you know who you are deep down.

Red string

My red string of fate

Is attached to you

It attracts me like bait

Waiting to reel in

Bring you closer to me

And make you mine

Our fates alligned

And brought together

My soulmate


On the other side

Our fate appearing

In front of us

Telling we were made

For each other

We cannot see

But we can feel

That something is right

And it is there

It tightly holds our finger

But lays loosely

Is it maybe just me

Or can you feel it too

The string that brings us together

Is it a myth

Or the truth

It is what I feel

And nothing will change that

How I feel for you

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