Photograph of you
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natalie9712 Live life to your fullest
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I saw a photo today that reminded me of my Uncle. RIP Uncle❤️ I miss him a lot.

Photograph of you

I had a photo

That reminds me of you

I keep it safe, hidden away

As I clean that area

I flip through the album

And it reminds me of that day

The day you held my hand

The day you kept me safe

The day you smiled at me

I have the memories of you

Buried safe in my heart

If I reopen it I might cry

I think of happy moments

The days you made me laugh

I always regret that day we fought

That day was the last

I never would have done that

If id only know

That was our last

I apologize to you

I hope one day you'll know

I miss you alot

One day ill see you

For now

I'll keep you in my memories

And keep you close to my heart

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