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Gossip can betray friendships, but can it take down a ruler?

By: Natalia R


by Natalia R

10:00 AM

Alice: Hey I heard that Rose made out with Mason saturday night at the party, is that true?

Monica: Girl, I was blacked out drunk, how would I know?

Alice: ... okay true. I'll ask someone else then, see you after class.

Monica: See ya.

12:07 AM

Mason: Christian didn't even notice you were gone saturday WHY are you freaking out Rose?

Rose: Because if he finds out about what went down in that room he's going to break up with me.

Mason: Why would you care though..

Rose: Because I care OKAY.

Mason: Fine, be that way.

Rose: Shut up.

1:30 PM

Christian: I already said I don't have time to talk to you Alice. I have to get to football practice.

Alice: Are you absolutely positive you don't want to know what went down saturday night when you left the party early?

Christian: It's probably just some gossip someone made up, I already know what it's about..

Alice: Have you seen the video?

Christian: What video?!

Alice: Thought so.

3:26 PM

{phone ringing}

Rose: ..hello?

Christian: I know what happened saturday, don't ever try to talk to me again, and don't bother calling, I'm gonna block your number.

Rose: Christian wait!!!

{line goes silent}

7:48 PM

{phone ringing}

Mason: Hello?

Monica: I thought we were friends..

Mason: What are you talking about?

Monica: I can't believe you recorded us, now the whole school has that video.

Mason: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Monica: Someone taped me and Rose making out saturday night, you were supposed to be guarding the door.

Mason: You know I was with Jessica thought.

Monica: Then who was at the door?

Mason: Beats me.

10:21 PM

Alice: That's what she gets for stealing Christian away from me.

Alice: {sends second half of the video to entire contact list}

Alice: Sorry 'bout it.


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