You&me that's perfect.
You&me that's perfect. perfect stories

nataliaflt IG: NataliaFlt
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He stole my heart.

You&me that's perfect.

by nataliaflt

I usually write about the things that make me sad. But here I am writing about you the person who makes me the happiest these days.

It's so real, so passionate, so pure that it's almost perfect.

And I can't help but smile thinking about you.

Your new hair reminding me of Rapunzel.

Your eyes reminding me of the most beautiful things we have around us.

Your touch makes me shiver and your kiss, oh God yur kiss, it feels like diamonds on my lips.

I fell for you the way I never did for anyone else. And I knew I loved you when everything you did bothered me for less than a few hours or it made me happy for a long time.

It was like suddenly everything had a meaning. Like everything turned into the perfect mode. And I didn't want to get out of it.

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