What the heck?
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nataliaflt IG: NataliaFlt
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My thoughts are messy.

What the heck?

My thoughts are messy.

What the hell is this current situation the world is in? Why are we constantly hurting each other? Why are we so cruel and unhappy? Is that because people don't know what they're worth?

Or because nowadays everything's so fast and crazy that people forget how to be good to each other? I don't get it. I love, I praise, I help. My mind and my own hands don't let me hurt another.

Of course we're all just people with fregile minds and even more fregile mouths. But for me it is not hard to be good. It is not hard to give once you recieve.

And that's what this world is missing. Not being full of people that are into themselves but full of people that are into one another. I want that world.

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