The night I slept in your bed.
The night I slept in your bed. sad stories

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He held me close.

The night I slept in your bed.

by nataliaflt

The night I slept next to you was just the end of one normal day which ended perfectly.

I remember not seeing you for the whole week looking forward to it like a little girl dreams about her favorite doll.

And when my eyes landed on you I took a deep breath and looked away. You greeted everyone with a smile and let me be the last one to hug and say hi to.

We spent the whole night together and my whole body burns from your touch still.

From the way you danced with me and turned me from one side to another to the time of the night when we layed next to each other and you talked about the universe.

You had your hand on my hip, pushing me closer to you cause I was shaking, rolling my t-shirt down to keep me warm even putting your favorite jacket on me.

And words slipped away from your mouth and I felt it. The peace I've not felt in a long time.

It was about 4am when we finally decided to go home but you said I should come and sleep at your place. It was crazy but I loved the idea of us being together for the whole night.

So I agreed and you put your body next to mine.

When I opened my eyes you had yours closed so I stared at you hoping you'll not wake up because I didn't want the night to end.

And in that moment if I could stop the sun from coming up I'd do it.

If I could just stay next to you I'd give my all.

But the night ended and all I do now is hope you feel the same and think about the time we had together.

I hope.

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