Silence does no harm
Silence does no harm yabc1 stories

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Driving slowly, thinking fast.

Silence does no harm

by nataliaflt

We sat in his car, looking at each other thinking what we're doing here. It was a comlete silence but just on the outside. Both thinking too much, saying nothing.

I bit my lip. Gosh he made me crazy! I wanted to know what kind of thoughts were swimming in his mind. I wanted to know if they included me.

He played a song and I started to move my lips whispering the words softly. I knew he loved the sound of me singing. And I loved the idea of him loving it. But now he was acting strange.

I took the courage to ask a simple question. "What are you thinking?" I asked and waited for a response . For days my mind couldn't stop thinking about the way he just stopped talking to me.

I knew he was scared. I knew because he told me. And I hated the thought of him being scared around me. All I wanted was him to tell me everything he wanted to say. Without hesitation.

"It's nothing." he mumbled and smiled. The smile he gave wasn't genuine at all and suddenly I felt like an anchor. But not in a good way. I was taking the ship down into the darkness. Taking him.

I was sad on the inside but I laughed anyways and hit him playfully. Rolling my eyes I looked away hearing him giggle. The song played louder and all the thoughts vanished away.

I realized one thing. Silence does no harm but it never solves anything. And just for now I decided to let it be and breathe while I sat next to him not saying a single word.

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