Pain comes with relief
Pain comes with relief pain stories

nataliaflt IG: NataliaFlt
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Gotta stay real.

Pain comes with relief

by nataliaflt

I thought we'd last. I truly did. I wanted us to feel happy, free and excited all the time and about every moment spent together.

But some things are not meant to last and it vanished sooner than I thought it would.

The whole idea of us was suddenly just a blurry cloud and it felt so weird. Painfully weird.

I was the one who decided to stay away, who said the bad things, who broke both of our hearts at once.

But it had to be done for me to free myself. I played your games just in case if I didn't you'd be mad.

So I continued to make myself less and make yourself more.

And the pain I'm feeling now is just a little piece of the terrible pain I felt next to you. The love wasn't pretended. It was worse. A lie I made myself believe to make you happy.

So pain here I am, hurting, crying saying what if. But you feel good because at the end I'm the one who won the fight between lies and happiness.

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