Keeping you all to myself
Keeping you all to myself secret stories

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You're just mine.

Keeping you all to myself

by nataliaflt

I wake up as the sun goes up, look out the window and smile at the scene in front of me.

The warmness on my skin feels good but not better than your touch.

Then I simply go through my day, do things I'm supposed to do with you still on my mind.

We meet up. I kiss you and look around if someone's watching us.

You try to hold my hand and I often laugh and make it look funny not to give my hand to you but really I'm just scared.

Scared of people seeing us, scared of people judging, you and also me, scared of my family to talk.

But I love you. You're my first love and I can't put it out there. Not yet. I cannot be judged and even though I know you love me I'm too scared.

I keep you a secret because I'm such a pussy, not admiting my love to someone who does nothing bad.

I know I have to tell everyone. Sometimes I just wanna scream out loud my thoughts. Everything about how much I care and how much you do for me. How you show me you love me.

But just for now baby, I'm gonna keep you all to myself.

My perfect secret.

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