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nataliaflt Community member
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He was just a bad chapter.

Keep going...

by nataliaflt

I put the palms of my hands on my face and try to hide the tears . The drops slowly strolling down my cheeks, wetting my lips, my nose even dropping on my t-shirt.

I breathe heavily. In and out. Wanting to scream so bad! How can I take away the pain you've put me through? It's like a nightmare.

I feel sad, worthless even mad for even talking to you after everything you've done. Maybe I'm a fool who simply cannot stop seeing the good in people. But you've teared me apart and I'm here.

The thought of you and her. You did not only hurt me. You shattered everything I had inside of me. Everything I used to be. And now I can't even look at you and smile because all I see is her.

And I don't love you anymore. I probably never did. And if I did, it was a mistake. You showed me what I hate in someone, what I have to stay away from.

So please. Stay away, don't look, don't speak, don't try to touch me and make everything alright. It's not going to happen.

I know I can be me again. I'll move on, find someone better, find love again and give my heart to a person who'll cherish it. And I'll do it all without you in my life.

So from now on. Just let me keep going...

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