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nataliaflt IG: NataliaFlt
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A rose

by nataliaflt

Every freaking day I walk into my apartment looking at this rose standing there in the glass full of water begging for life.

Every freaking day it reminds me of you. The day you got me this rose and you kissed my lips said you loved me and missed me even though you were away for 2 days.

And I remember I was happy but at the same time kind of mad because you knew how much I hated when you bought me stuff just like that and you still did it.

When I put the rose in the water I thought that as it will grow our relationship will grow as well. Oh God I was wrong.

It went completely wrong and now this rose is just a sad memory. And I cry looking at it I want to scream I want to throw it away.

But I guess the rose is dying now and I'll let it die the way our relationship did. Slowly and then all at once.

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