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Don't think "nature vs humans", think "the Earth's biosphere".

Human on

Don't think "nature vs humans", think "the Earth's biosphere".

And the biosphere has evolved in relation to nature.

Earth has populated almost every nook and cranny of its surface with life, going as deep as underwater hydrothermal vents and as high as the atmosphere.

If we ever make it to Mars, it will be a victory for Earth's biosphere.

Earth will have made a life so unique that it could keep expanding beyond its immediate borders.

You could very well imagine competing biospheres of different planets,

but so far we only know of ours.

So, it's not that humans came onto the scene and started destroying Earth and nature.

Nature has always been destroying itself and the biosphere.

There have been 5 previous mass extinctions before humans arrived. Killing more than 99% of all species that ever lived.

And now humans are driving the 6th mass extinction.

We are just as vicious as nature is, because the biosphere has evolved in relation to nature.

If any other species had the chance, it would reproduce and populate the whole planet just like we did.

Think of what pandemics do. Microorganisms are "nature", are "of the biosphere"

And we are as much nature as they are.

We just happen to be the only species that had that chance with our planet.

And we are just nature's new efficient way of killing everything.

But, most importantly, and let me say: redemptively

We're the only part of the biosphere and nature EVER to look at this destruction and say that it's wrong

That it's cruel for nature to kill its own species.

That the mass extinction has to be stopped

We're the only little biosphere thing to break the spell of nature and think these thoughts

, and feel them.

And write them down here.

So, human on!

So, human on! And save the biosphere.

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