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He looked overhead, scouring the sky that held their doom and their salvation at once.

Brink of survival

He walked over to the entrance, the crunchy sound of the snow under his boots becoming more squeaky and creaky as he did.

He emerged from the cave and stopped a few steps short of where the ground had broken off into floating plates of ice, each no bigger than a few footholds.

From there, a large body of water filled the distance all the way to the horizon, with flung out isles and giant white glaciers that got fewer and fewer as they got further away.

Dark and duskiness from the cover of clouds above and light from the star were battling each other out for more territory in the sky.

He could only look at the blazing amber thing through his special helmet visor,

and it appeared to peek back through a large punched out crack in the visor of the atmosphere itself.

Two planets trailed the sun in space, almost in perfect alignment at that time. The sun looked closer than them both, but he knew it was only because it was a lot brighter.

He took a step back as more ice broke off in front of his feet, and brought his focus back to the glaciers.

Some of them had an almost peculiar arch, as if they were portals, or entrances to caves themselves, whose rest had collapsed and fallen completely beneath the water.

He shuddered at the thought.

Mission Control would have to come and haul them off the place before that happened to their cave too.

They had seen land areas and water on their reconnaissance flight of the planet, but due to the craft malfunction and emergency landing, he hadn't the faintest idea where they were now.

Could the land have all been frozen ice shelves?

They hadn't had enough time to solve their initial question of how all the water hadn't already evaporated off a planet this close to its star.

Now he added to it the puzzle of how, instead of just one large frozen land mass, bits of it would also congeal back into caves.

What he had absent-mindedly thought was snow falling, was actually bits and pieces of ice crumbling off their cave, and being blown ahead like tiny shards.

Help would have to come much faster, he thought, but the solar flares had all but fried their communication systems.

He looked overhead, scouring the sky that held their doom and their salvation at once.

In that respect, the situation was not much dissimilar from the one back at home.

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