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How do you control your anger?

Do you remember when is the last time you get angry?

What did you do to control your anger?

Do you scream, yell, or throw stuff around?

Well.. don't feel down if you get mad, as a human being it is normal to be angry

What's matter is how we process our anger

The process of managing our emotional pain is just the same as managing physical pain.

Here are an example of a process to manage the pain, applicable for both emotional pain (EP) and physical pain (PP).

Steps to process the Emotional Pain (EP) and Physical Pain (PP) 1) Confront the pain 2) Complain (usually accompanied with WH questions to allow proper diagnose) 3) Diagnose 4) Treatment 5) Maintenance for full recovery

If you are able to process it by yourself, please go on .. if not, you shall ask someone for help to process your emotions

I have simplified an example of a mechanism of treating both the physical and emotional pain

1) Situation EP: For finger is bleeding due to a cut from a knife PP: You are sad with your close friends’ action and your heart is “bleeding”

2) Confront the pain EP: you feel pain and you are bleeding, ask for help from a doctor if it is a severe cut PP: Aware that you are angry and sad

3) Complain EP: knowing ... what, why, where, how, when ... you are bleeding PP: knowing ... what, why, where, how, when ... you are feeling hurt

4) Diagnose EP: bleed because of a cut from a knife PP: Feeling hurt because .. exp: your friend ignored you when you share with him/her your problem

5) Treatment EP: apply medication a bandage PP: Confront the person- have heart-to-heart conversation, telling your close friend your feeling and the reason of your sadness

6) Maintenance for full recovery EP: Redha, take care of the wound PP: Redha, protect your emotion, time will heal

It is really important to fully process the pain as it will allow us to heal

Without the proper process of solving the emotional pain, the pain may prolong for months and even years, and once it lengthens, the burden is also increasing

It is just the same as physical pain.. if you left an untreated wound for a long time, you’ll expose the wound to other bacteria/ virus and it may attack other components of your body

So, it is really important to aware of your pain and treats it properly to avoid it to become severe

It is easier to ignore our emotional pain as it is cannot be seen with a bare eye but only the person who experienced the pain will understand the heaviness of the burden

Hope this will help Thanks. Peace.

Disclaimer: Just what to let you know that the input on the step to manage pain is referred based on an online seminar of “Toxic Positivity: Being Positive, But In A Negative Way” given by Aiman Azlan. You shall purchase the seminar in https://aimanazlan.com/

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