The Gifted Chapter 4
The Gifted Chapter 4  stories

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Alek meets a strange man who reveals that he can do something strange, like him.

The Gifted Chapter 4

Alek was just a block away from his house when he turned a corner and ran into a man not much taller than himself.

The man had on a small bowler hat, wire-framed glasses, and appeared to be wearing a tuxedo or suit, even though it was hot out.

Alek stepped back and nodded at the man to apologize, "Sorry, sir. Hope I didn't disturb you."

The man smiled cheerfully and put a hand on Alek's shoulder, "Not at all young man! In fact, I could use your help if your one who lives on this street."

Alek felt uneasy by the man's smile and how his hand felt heavy on his shoulder, "Sure, are you looking for someone?"

"Indeed I am! Do you happen to know where a young man named Alek Stone lives? It is of great importance that I talk to him."

Alek took a small step away from the man, unable to really back away due to the hand on his shoulder, "Well, you found him. What do you want?"

"Ah! Why the young heart I was looking for ran into me after all! Such a pleasant surprise.

" The man looked down at him almost as if he were studying his features, trying to match face with body, "Is it true what I've heard? That you control fire from the depths of hell it's self?"

Alek almost gasped in surprise, he thought no one knew what he could do except for the twins who just found out, "How do you know that? Who are you?"

"Merely a man who has caught interest in you. Might we be able to take this inside, away from prying eyes?"

Alek nodded and a few seconds later the man took his arm off his shoulder. Alek felt the weight leave his arm as the man turned around and started walking away, "Let us go inside your house.

I will explain there."

Turning around to run Alek heard the man chuckle and stop walking. Just as he turned the corner he stopped moving, unable to control his movements.

He heard the man walk up from behind him and stop, watching as he struggled to walk.

"You're not going anywhere. You see, just like you, I have a strange ability as well. Except instead of having control over fire I can control other people's movements.

All I need to do is make eye contact with said person and I can control them for up to ten minutes.

When I touch a person I can control them for over an hour, so no matter what we're going to talk."

Alek sighed in defeat as he was forced to turn around and follow this strange man into his home, not knowing what was yet to come.

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