Chapter 2: Back at the office.
Chapter 2: Back at the office.  mystery stories

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Henry's first night back at his office and he has a flashback of when he got the scar on his eye, and who gave it to him.

Chapter 2: Back at the office.

After Henry, Jonathon, and the forensics team finished taking pictures of the crime scene Henry drove back to the YSPD and unloaded his stuff. Look's like his retirement was cut short.

Henry and Jonathon unloaded his boxes full of his police files, office supplies, and pictures before Jonathon got a call from his wife.

Apparently his son had got in a fight at the park and he needed to talk to him. Look's like today wasn't a good day for Henry.

Forced out of retirement on his first day, and his partner had to leave. Henry sighed and slowly unpacked his boxes.

After all his boxes were empty and everything was where it belonged he took out his file on Skinner and looked through it.

He re-read his report on how and when he killed Skinner two years ago and shook his head, "How are you alive? Shouldn't you be dead?"

He put the case file away, opened his laptop, and went to his online file.

If he had done this 15 years ago when he first started it wouldn't have said much, the only thing it would have said is that he used to be in the military, squadron 68, 1st division.

So much had changed since when he first started. He worked so hard he became one of the best officers in his year, that is except for his old partner.

His online file told how he took down hard to kill criminals and cracked very stubborn people. He didn't kill any of them, just put them behind bars. That is, until he was confronted by Skinner.

He closed his laptop and laid his head down on it and closed his eyes. Maybe if he took a little nap he'd find out that this was all a dream. Or maybe even a sick joke.

He slowly fell asleep and at first it was a dreamless sleep with no sound, no light, no nothing except him.

That is until he was suddenly standing in front of Skinner, pointing a knife at him, and Skinner was pointing one back at Henry.

Henry took a step forward and jabbed at Skinner who easily deflected it and hit Henry's elbow making him drop the knife.

Skinner then grabbed Henry's arm and pulled him forward, bringing his knife down towards Henry's head.

On instinct Henry swung his foot behind Skinner's knee and hit him in the chest pushing him back.

Skinner fell back, but not before cutting Henry's face, from the middle of his forehead, to the base of his right eye.

Henry woke up covered in sweat and his fist clenched so tightly his knuckles were white.

He shook his head, "It's not your fault Henry, it's his, it's all his fault.." Henry got up and left the Police Department, locking the door behind him. He drove home in silence.

Once he got home he made sure his doors were locked, went to his kitchen and pulled out a half empty bottle of vodka.

He laid on his bed and drank the rest of the bottle before falling into a dreamless, thoughtless sleep.

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