Chapter 1 (The return of Skinner)
Chapter 1 (The return of Skinner)  mystery stories

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Henry finds out that his Partner Jonathon Bledsoe was telling the truth when he visits the crime scene of supposed to be dead killer, Skinner.

Chapter 1 (The return of Skinner)

Henry sighed and pulled back out of his driveway hoping with all his heart that his old partner, Jonathan Bledsoe, was wrong about Skinner.

He drove the 15 minutes back to the Police Department in silence wondering if it was just a joke to get him to go back.

He was about 5 minutes away from the Police Department when he passed an old fashioned house with one of those sky lights and little flat areas on the roof for kids to sit on.

Outside in the front yard were several officers talking amongst one another and one the side of the road were their cars.

Normally Henry would have driven by without a second thought and gone to his destination, but parked in the grass was his partners beat up Ford pick-up truck.

Henry parked his car down the road and quickly walked back to what he guessed was the crime scene.

He was walking up the front steps as Bledsoe walked out of the house wearing latex gloves, a face mask, and talking to another detective.

Bledsoe dismissed the detective and walked to meet his partner, "sorry to call you back on your day of retirement, but I figured you'd want to see this,"

Henry sighed before responding, "If it's who you think it is i'm happy to come back for a little,"

Bledsoe nodded and led his partner inside the building and past the main hallway. Henry stopped for a second to look at one of the broken pictures on the wall.

He then continued down the hallway and into the victim's master bedroom. Henry stopped at the doorway and covered his mouth to keep from gagging, "My god.."

Even after working several cases on Skinner in the past and seeing his victims he still couldn't believe what he saw.

In the middle of the bed was a female body, except the only way Henry knew it was female was because of the clothes on the floor and the pictures on the wall.

The woman's skin had been completely removed, courtesy of Skinner. Henry looked at the disturbing crime scene to his partner, "How is this possible?.."

His partner didn't reply. Instead he led him to the living room and pointed at the wall. Henry froze and again felt like puking.

Nailed to the wall was the victims skin, made to spell out the words, "I AM BACK BITCH" Henry shook his head and walked out of the house before puking in a rose bush next to the side walk.

Bledsoe stood behind him and waited. Henry turned to look at his partner, "So much for retiring,"

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