Remembering how to smile
Remembering how to smile  stories

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I hope you guys enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Also comment what you did and didn't like about it please and thank you!!

Remembering how to smile

Dancing to the winds bending tune. The sun makes crystal stars on the water's surface and burns warm on my back while a cool breeze blows gently on my face.

I embrace it proudly, for once I feel alive, for once I feel as if the darkness cannot reach me. I am safe in a beautiful place as such that I am standing in.

Not a trace of fear bubbles up to the surface of my mind. I can think in peace free of pain. The crisp leaves of Autumn fall at my feet to cover the ground.

The birds sing a lullaby as the world doses off to sleep. The elapsed clouds leave the sky clear to the viewers of the sunset beaming proudly upon the world, and I stand in the center.

I catch a leaf fallen from a crimson colored tree and acknowledge it's beauty. These details I miss as the world has been stained black in my eyes.

A warm tranquil feeling arises from the depths of my heart. I spread my arms and close my eyes accepting the request for this feeling to take over.

I'm slowly remembering what life was like before the pain, how it felt to be free and wild,

what it felt like to stare at the clouds next to my best friend and laugh so hard and long we couldn't breathe.

I'm slowly remembering that there's so much I miss about my old life and it's slowly returning to me right now.

The feeling takes over my whole body and a partial grin appears on my face for just a few seconds, but it's real,

and it feels so good because deep down I know and I'm not afraid to accept...

that I'm slowly remembering how to smile.

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