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Heart Made Of Scars

By Tokumei and Narutoisawesome

I have a heart made of scars.

It’s been broken and shattered, mended back together, fixed with glue and string

Sown onto my sleeve for all to see.

Once I had a heart made of glass, then it started to crack.

The world started to fill it up with dirt and trash.

Breaking it from the inside out.

I have a heart made of scars.

It’s been ripped apart by the people who only care for themselves never

Understanding that who we are

is more important then what’s on the outside

Stuck in a world we can never abide

Asking the same question over and over again

Why do we have to lie?

Why do we have to hide what’s on the inside?

So we don’t have to deal with that one comment that broke us down

Even though it hasn’t been said we know it’s been thought

So we deal with it anyhow

My body has been slowly overtaken by scars

One look and they all run away

I’m a monster,

Just what they made me out to be

They’ve succeeded

My heart just continues to bleed

I have a heart made of scars.

People are cruel.

The world’s a twisted place.

Bending and breaking, tattered and torn.

I keep on running and running trying to find my way.

Strings of red around my neck.

I’m suffocating, my mind’s racing, dragging me down to the world below.

I’m following the broken road hoping it will lead me home.

My life’s a horror movie and I’m the star.

Turning the corner but my problems like killers are already there.

No escape

The ones I’ve tried are all fake

Traps set by my demons to drive me further down into their pit of despair

But how can they?

I’m already there.

I have a heart made of scars.

But still, I stand strong.

I have been beaten, I’ve been bruised.

I’ve been scared, I’ve been used.

But no matter what they do I won’t stop being me, because beauty is more than skin and I know who I’m meant to be.

I’m meant to be me.

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