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This was inspired by my great grandpa. He has cancer right now and was told he had 2-5 days left, my mom and grandma and aunts are spending every second they can spare to stay with him. so enjoy!

Dear cancer

Dear cancer, you don't seem to care when the doctor tells him you've invaded his life. You live to survive, a parasite feeding off your host.

It's normal for you, you just keep feeding, but have you not heard their tears, have you not seen the pain within their hearts, the fear caused by your presence.

You break them down while building yourself up, spreading throughout their body, searching for more interesting places to go, exploring your new home.

You don't seem to care when the doctor tells him he has only a few days left.

You're about to kill that poor man, do you not see the pain in his family's eyes,

do you still ignore them as they weep together in pain knowing his invader shall cower in his body feeding off of his own life.

Put yourself in his shoes, can you imagine being told you have 2-5 days left of your life and in that time you'll spend laying in a hospital bed waiting for time to take you away.

Knowing there's nothing you can do to eradicate the parasite within you. Dear cancer, you're not alive, but we hate you, you steal the life and love from us.

Can't imagine all the nights he'd spent crying until he fell asleep hoping that the doctors of which in their hands his life is held, could save him from this tragic future.

And his family, spending every second in his hospital room holding his hand as his exhausted body lays in distress.

They try to stay strong not only for him but because they can't stand letting the pain take over. Dear cancer, he's gone, you took him.

His family and friends surround his coffin in a black cloud of pain and darkness.

The sky weeps long and hard but they stand still, every tear soaking their faces under their umbrellas, as they all cry his spirit climbs the stairs to a better life, but he'll miss them,

to all of them he gives an unfelt hug and whispers in their ears, "I love you more than you know, it will be hard but you need to be strong, and though you see me not,

I will be right next to you. Should you feel pain, you can always cry on my shoulder even if you don't feel it there.

So many things I wish to tell you, but this much I will say right now, I will never leave your heart as long as you keep the door open."

As he leaves this world to enter a heaven unlike any other, he smiles, because he knows they'll be ok. Dear cancer, he does not blame you.

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