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I hope you like this.


So some of you guys had wanted to see my art and drawings as well as some of my photography as I mentioned it on the second thing I posted in this account. So in this post I will be uploading images I've taken on my phone of my art and imported to my laptop for you guys to see. I hope you guys like them and pleases tell me what you think in the comments down below.

Note I do love a good harsh comment once in a while to see how I can do better so don't be afraid to sound nasty I won't hold you against it. In fact I'll probably say thank you. Anyway make sure you ask me if you'd like me to upload images of my photography on another post and I'll stop talking about that now.

This was a drawing I did for one of my classes.

This was my pre-image drawing for a painting and the following image was the redraw and final project from this one.

So this was sketched first then inked over and finally watercolor painted. This was referenced as my hand and my baby bro holding my index finger.

So this one has two sides so I'm going to put the other side on the next page cuz I can't fit it all on one page.

So we drew out something like this where we could show positive and negative space then cut it out and glued it to a painted piece of paper. Ken Kaneki from "Tokyo Ghoul"

This one was just for fun and was referenced by another persons art only this one is my own work. Naruto X Hinata

Again, couldn't fit the whole picture on but you get the idea. This was painted with watercolor but I didn't have tape for a nice clean border.

Also not the full image and was referenced from someone else's idea but me art. I've updated it since I last took this picture. It now has my own poem " Rain is supposed to bring rainbows, not wash them away."

This was my semester project, again updated since this photo but still unfinished. Pennywise from "It"

Once more, not the full picture, it fades into black all the way around. This was a gift my English teacher because she is expecting her first child with her high school sweetheart and she's my favorite. This was entirely my idea but I did look at a reference so I would draw the hands right.

So that was the last one I have a picture of right now I might do another one with updated pictures as well as my other work but since I had tons of writing on the others here are the same photos without words so you can see them better.

Thank you and I hope you liked my art!!!!

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