The Journey

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narekahbaker Community member
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The Journey they take cannot compensate for the hurt or heartbreak
It was their weapon and they did walk in faith

The Journey

They all walk straight lined

Single filed

One in front the other they strut

Will that be enough?

He runs

They walk after the beat dung

For the beating drums


They walk for the iron pierced through the innocent

Not necessarily hell bent on revenge

But they walk to be heard

Footsteps echoing on the guilty pavement

They make a statement

lips sealed but they're words escape

Message conveyed

The journey which they take cannot compensate

For the loss the hurt or heartbreak

But it was their weapon and they walked in faith

They walked so today we could run

They walked for our freedom

We should not be ashamed

We should wear our stripes high in the air

Like flags

What should we do with our pain?

For THEY say bury them deep under our feet

Smile, forget, have a seat

Our scars of honour

A symbol of our fight and triumphs

Our ability to stand and say...

We've conquered

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